About The origins of Lifeboarding

The Story That Started It All

Allow me to tell you the funny story about how it all started.

Back in 2005, I was living the college life in Maryland as a top NCAA athlete. Unfortunately, I got injured in 2007 and after a major surgery on my knee, I decided to come back to Montreal to finish my college degree.

That’s where my buddy Dan and I met for the first time.

Life was great. I was in great physical shape, I was performing well at school, I had plenty of friends and I was working on a bunch of exciting projects.

Three years after graduation, in 2013, my life felt like it was different, but it was still good. It involved work—a lot of work—, less time for my relationships, social, for me, etc.

So Dan and I haven’t had seen each other for a while, so we decided we be overdue to catch up.

And so we grabbed a drink together in January 2013.

It felt like good old times, usual chit-chat and laughters.

But then, out of nowhere, Dan dropped the bomb:

Dan: “Hey Louis, I want to tell you…
I’m not sure how to say it, but…
you’ve become kind of fat dude.”


That was rough… But that single statement triggered a much bigger discussion.

What he said was true (I was 40 pounds overweight at that point), and it opened the door for me to say what was on my mind as well:

Louis: “If I may add something… You seem overworked man….
You look really close to burnout…”
It was tough to hear, but honest.

We slowly started to dig deeper on how things are going in our lives, career and relationships.

We were honest and started to challenge each other on topics that are usually harder to discuss, personal stuff.

We wrapped up that “introspection session” agreeing that we needed to get our shit together. We also thought that it could help us if we would hold each other accountable to achieve that.

The next morning we texted each other:

LX: Hey man, last night was epic. It feels good to stop for a second and think about what’s going on in our lives.
Dan: Ya man! I was about to text you the same! Let’s do that again soon!
Not only did we do that, but we did a lot more.

We developed a powerful framework that had the biggest impact on our respective lives.

Within 5 months, I had lost 40 pounds and ran a half-marathon. Dan went from being overworked and close to burnout to being zen and having an excellent work-life balance.

Within 12 months, I completely revamped my career and my perspective on life. Dan also brought massive changes to his career and he was in the best shape of his life.

Our lives were back on track.

Applying the power of introspection

Since then, our goal has been to give other people the chance to go through the same steps that we’ve been optimizing for the past two years. That resulted in the Lifeboarding Framework.

This framework will allow you to enjoy the fastest path to achieving your personal goals.

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Start Lifeboarding today!